Amend2 Techna Clip- Universal Pocket Mag Carrier


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Amend2 Techna Clip- Universal Pocket Mag Carrier


  • One Size Fits All!
  • Discreet
  • Lightweight!
  • Easy Draw!
  • Patent Pending!

Now you can carry any back-up magazine inconspicuously with the Universal Pocket MAG™ by Techna Clip®. Slide any size magazine into the Pocket MAG™ and clip it on to your pocket, belt, or waistband. Draw your back-up mag with a simple pull while the Pocket MAG™ stay where you left it.

Compatible with all single and double stack magazines 22LR, .380, 9MM, .357, .40, .45, 10MM.

The Pocket MAG™ uses a patent pending minimalistic retention device to hold any size magazine and utilizes guide rails to reduce friction so that your magazine is easy to drawn when needed.

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