Muzzle Devices

Here in Durkin Tactical’s selection of AR-15 muzzle devices, you’ll find high-quality muzzle brakes, micro brakes, compensators, flash hiders, and more to enhance and complete your firearm. Our devices are crafted from durable materials to deliver performance when you need it most. Shop today and enjoy reduced recoil and a more accurate shooting experience.

Shop High-Quality Muzzle Devices to Enhance Your Shooting Experience 

Upgrades to your firearm don’t stop at improving rate of fire or adding a sight. Muzzle brakes and compensators reduce recoil, which means increased accuracy. Crush washers ensure your device is properly locked to your barrel shoulder. Flash cans hide the telltale flash from your barrel when your bullet is fired.

What seems like simple barrel attachments are actually critical upgrades to your gun. That’s why we only offer high quality devices that you can trust.

Durkin Tactical is Your Destination for Reliable Parts, Upgrades, and Build Kits

Ready to add on to your existing gun or build a new one from scratch? Durkin Tactical is your ultimate destination for high-quality, reliable gun accessories, upper and lower parts, and our famous complete build kits. We’re a family-owned-and-operated tactical company that prices our products competitively and always ensures that every product we offer adheres to our high quality standards. Shop our new arrivals section for our latest additions or browse our clearance items for even bigger savings. 

Explore Beyond

Whether you’re gearing up for hunting season or prepping for a competition, you can enhance your gun and your shooting experience with Durkin Tactical’s selection of AR-15 muzzle devices. Once you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for, check out the rest of our upper parts. Our barrels, upper receivers, and more provide you with the customization and performance you need to build a gun that is truly yours. And at Durkin Tactical, helping you build that gun is our priority.