What’s a firearm without anything to fire? At Durkin Tactical, we have all the tactical ammo you will ever need. We carry all different types of ammunition for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Whether you need AR ammo, ball or soft-point rounds, high brass or low brass shotgun shells, Durkin Tactical carries the ammo and magazines you’ll need.


The Most Well-Known Brands in AR Ammo

We pride ourselves in carrying the most trusted names in tactical ammo. We know that reliability is key when it comes to rounds, and we don’t compromise on offering you the best. Choose from all of the latest offerings from American manufacturers of AR ammo and pick the perfect brand for you.

Know Your Ammunition

When buying ammo, be sure to know the caliber, grain, load, and type.

  • The calber is the actual physical dimensions of the bullet. It’s the “millimeter“ in the 9mm.
  • The grain is the mass of the bullet, minus the gun powder and casing.
  • The load refers to the gunpowder in the casing.
  • The type refers to a given purpose. These include hollow points, blanks, etc.

Competitive Prices 

At Durkin Tactical, we want to offer you the best tactical ammunition at affordable prices. We know that shooting can be a pricey hobby, and we know that preparing for home protection can be an investment your bank account feels for a while.

This is why we fight to ensure that all of our prices either match or beat the market, making our selection a mix of high-performance and great value. When you buy ammo at Durkin Tactical, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve invested in quality and function at a fraction of the cost.