Lower Parts Components

The customization of your firearm is made simple with the collections from Durkin Tactical. We carry everything you need to make it your own, from upper parts to the smallest of the lower parts. In addition to our wide variety of lower parts kits, we offer a selection of AR lower parts for when you just need individual lower components for your specific build. Start assembling your custom firearm with high-quality AR-15 lower parts you can count on.

High-Quality AR Lower Parts at Competitive Prices

Though lower parts are small, prices can quickly add up to a substantial size with all of your build’s must-have customizations. Durkin Tactical is committed to making building accessible, regardless of your budget. Our collection of kits and accessories give you the affordability you need without compromising on quality.

We could never forget about our country’s heroes! As a small token of our gratitude, we offer our brave military members, first responders, and healthcare workers an exclusive discount on AR lower parts at Durkin Tactical. From all of us at Durkin Tactical to you, we thank you.

AR Building Made Better

Building your AR-15 takes enough time and patience as is — you don’t need the added worry of compatibility. With Durkin Tactical’s carefully curated selection of parts, compatibility is guaranteed. Our AR-15 lower parts, upper parts, grips, and gear all work in conjunction with one another to make your build a success. As gun enthusiasts, we make building better so fellow gun enthusiasts like you can focus entirely on creating your custom firearm.

Order your build kit now or explore our lower parts components to get started! For more questions about our products, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What parts are needed in an AR lower build?

The components of the lower are crucial to your firearm, as they provide the foundation of your build. While the list is extensive, some of the AR lower parts that you need include the bolt catch, takedown pin, stock kit, and grip. At Durkin Tactical, we offer everything except serialized stripped lower receivers.

Are AR-15 lower parts compatible with all upper parts?

Yes; virtually all brands use MIL-SPEC measurements for their AR parts, meaning that any AR-15 lower assembly is compatible with an upper assembly. The only consideration is ensuring you load cartridges that are the same caliber as your upper assembly is chambered in.

Do I need to buy an AR lower parts kit for the assembly of the lower part of my AR?

Purchasing a lower parts kit is a convenient way to get the reliable parts that you need in one package. However, you can also choose to purchase your lower parts separately. Choosing individual lower parts is a beneficial option for those that may already have lower parts or want to complete specific customizations.