Adding an AR-15 grip can make all the difference in the handling of your firearm. We carry a wide variety of affordable, high-quality precision AR grips that are designed to give you the control, accuracy, and versatility that you want with your firearm. Choose the appearance and ergonomic design you want and start customizing your AR-15 with Durkin Tactical today.

AR-15 Grips Designed for Your Comfort

While supporting and holding your barrel without a grip is always acceptable, sometimes you want an upgrade. Precision AR grips are your key to increased control, increased shooting accuracy, and versatility. Whether you’re looking for a folding grip or a classic precision grip, we have you covered.

At Durkin Tactical, we make the customization of your firearm simple. From AR-15 grips to upper parts and lower parts, we offer an extensive selection of gear to create the look and handling that you want for your gun. Explore today to start customizing your firearm to suit your needs.

High-Quality Grips, Affordable Prices 

High-quality grips don’t have to break the bank. As fellow gun enthusiasts, we understand the need for reliability, quality, and affordability with your hobby. Durkin Tactical offers affordable products for your firearm without compromising on quality. Our American-made build kits, AR-15 grips, and other gear seamlessly combine performance and value. At Durkin Tactical, you can be guaranteed that you’re getting the best quality tactical gear at the best prices. 

Durkin Tactical is also proud to offer a discount for past and present military members, first responders, and those in healthcare. We are grateful and thank you for your ongoing commitment to keeping our communities safe and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all AR-15 grips the same?

While they’ll give you the comfort and control you want, grips are not all the same. They come in a variety of styles, from folding grips for versatile handling to ergonomic grips with finger grooves. 

How do I know which grip is the right one for me?

When choosing your grip, there are different factors you can take into consideration. For some aesthetics and material are important, while others find factors like texture, orientation and finger grooves to be essential. Consider how you’re going to use it and the AR-15 you want it to be.

Do I need a foregrip for my AR-15?

Like all accessories for your firearm, whether you choose a foregrip is up to you. You can shoot and handle an AR-15 without the use of a foregrip. If you’re a new hobbyist or are looking for improved performance, adding a precision AR foregrip could be key for better stabilization and aim.