Once you’ve got your build kit and ammo, follow up with must-have tactical accessories for your gun. To help assemble your kit and clean your gun, use a build mat. For hunting trips or target practice, get one of our sniper scopes. We also offer maintenance and cleaning gear like our AR tools. Durkin Tactical was made to meet gun enthusiasts’ every need, from weaponry to support gear — so explore today.

Tactical Accessories

Owning a gun or a build kit is just the beginning. To make the most of your arsenal, get the necessary supplemental equipment. For example, you’ll always need magazines and ammo. Or maybe you need a grip that fits your hand better. No matter what, we’ve got you covered.

If you need a lightweight bag to carry a few items or a tactical hunting vest, look no further. Shop online or look for us at a gun show near you! Our priority is to make sure you get top-notch equipment, which is why in addition to our high-quality products, we also offer shipping insurance.

Our Story

By gun enthusiasts, for gun enthusiasts, Durkin Tactical has provided top quality, low-priced gun build kits since 2017. A family-owned-and-operated company, we are proud to sell American-made tactical goods from top brands like Anderson and Aero Precision

You can find anything you need to build and complete your arsenal at our store. From a large range of build kits to tactical accessories for your gun, gun parts, and gear including knives, emergency food, and trauma packs, our supplies are survival and personal safety essentials.

We also show our appreciation for our relationships with wholesalers and the invaluable work of military, firefighters, first responders, medical providers, and nurses with special discounts. For all your gun needs, shop Durkin Tactical!