CAA Micro Conversion Kits - Glock

Build it yourself with a Glock micro conversion kit from Durkin Tactical. Whether you’re looking for a Glock 22 kit in green, black, or white, we have what you’re looking for. We make it easy for you to take firearm maintenance and building into your own hands. Our kits come with everything you need, except a serialized part, to build your firearm from top to bottom, and we’re proud to offer high-quality affordable parts that work with your budget.

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Find the Right Glock Micro Kit for You

No matter your needs, Durkin Tactical has taken the time to perfect our products and provide you with conclusive Glock 22 kits, pistol kits, upper parts, and lower parts for a wide variety of firearms. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills at the range or want to be more proficient in the field, we can help you get more confident when operating, handling, and repairing your firearm. 

Quality Components, Affordable Prices

The Durkin Tactical team is here to help you with any firearm question. From ordering your Glock micro conversion kit to finding the right accessories for your AR, our experts are available to assist in any way. Just contact us.

We sell well-known brands like Anderson, Tactical Kinetics, and so much more. We only offer the best because we know how important quality is to our customers. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, Durkin Tactical is here to provide you with the firearm parts you need.