CAA Micro Conversion Kits

In search of a conversion kit? Durkin Tactical stocks the most cost effective and high-performing conversion kits in the world, and our collection of high-quality MCKs are available for a variety of models to suit every gun owner. These lightweight and sturdy platforms transform your gun into a more stable, accurate, and powerful firearm.

Shop High-Quality, Reliable Micro Conversion Kits

Here in our collection, you’ll find reliable options compatible with Polymer80, Glock, Taurus, Tungsten, and many more to suit your gun. You’ll enjoy quality components like extended stabilizers, charging handles, aluminum Picatinny rails, and more. Shop with confidence knowing that we curate our selection of MCKs to ensure that each one meets our high quality standards. After all, Durkin Tactical is a business founded by gun enthusiasts, for gun enthusiasts — which means we only want the best.

Durkin Tactical is Your Ultimate Destination for Competitive Prices

Whether you’re shopping for conversion kits, complete build kits, or upper or lower parts, Durkin Tactical has your needs covered. We stock a variety of American-made kits from trusted name brands — all available at incredibly competitive prices. Order today, and don’t forget to take advantage of our military, firefighter, and first responder discounts at checkout.

CAA MCKs Provide a Lightweight, Sturdy Platform for Your Firearm

Your CAA micro conversion kit provides a lightweight, sturdy platform for your gun, along with a plethora of other benefits for your shooting experience. Our MCKs deliver dramatically improved stability, durability, recoil management, and accuracy during use. Plus, they’re crafted with smart features for easy, ergonomic handling. Our cost-effective conversion kits are an incredible upgrade for your favorite gun and give you the freedom to add helpful accessories with ease.