The AR pistol build kit is a popular and very simple custom project. It is a pistol-length AR-15 with no stock in the kit and a shorter barrel, and it has the weight and maneuverability of a completely different class of firearm, the “short barrel rifle,” without falling under the actual dimension-based classifications. Depending on the kit, an AR-15 pistol can pack the same punch as its rifle counterpart at a fraction of the cost. Because of the customizability of these builds, you can swap out parts and upgrade as you choose. There is no one way to make an AR pistol — and we’re proud to help you design yours.




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Wide Variety of AR Pistol Build Kits

At Durkin Tactical, we have a wide variety of kits to help you build the perfect pistol. Our selection of kits allows for multiple configurations, including different caliber options. Every AR-15 pistol kit Durkin Tactical has to offer is dependable, high quality, designed for performance, and offered at industry-beating prices. We may not know the exact configuration you need, but we make sure we offer you all the parts you need to make it yourself.

Military, Firefighter, and First Responder Discounts

We respect and support the brave men and women who serve to keep us safe. This is why each service member, firefighter, and first responder is entitled to a discount on our American-made products. Every one of them deserves the full benefit of an AR pistol build kit at a fraction of the cost. It’s a small thank you to the big job these men and women take on every single day.