Shop Durkin Tactical’s variety of AR-15 build mats and enhance your build experience with a high-quality, multi-purpose mat. They’re the perfect option to make your build easier, more efficient, and more educational with built-in drawings and data. Explore our variety of AR-15 assembly mat sizes and designs to find your new favorite build accessory.

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Enhance Your Build Experience With an AR-15 Build Mat

Ready to enjoy your gun build like never before? An AR-15 assembly mat is a simple yet effective way to make your build easier by keeping your parts all in one place and avoiding scratches or dents from dropping on a hard surface. Your mat will feature thick, premium material and keep your desk, bench, or other work surface safe from harmful chemicals, oil, and dirt involved in your build.

Trust Durkin Tactical to Level-Up Your Build, and Your Completed Gun

Durkin Tactical is a family business founded and run by gun enthusiasts, for gun enthusiasts. Our selection of parts, gun build kits, AR-15 build mats, and more always meet our high standards of quality and reliability and are priced competitively to meet your needs. Discover your next favorite gun build accessory or upper or lower part today and be sure to take advantage of our military, firefighter, and first responder discounts at checkout. For even more savings, browse our clearance section for the latest deals.

Shop Multi-Purpose Assembly Mats in a Variety of Designs

Durkin Tactical’s variety of American-made build mats are the ultimate accessory for your firearm build and maintenance experience. They’re available in a range of sizes and are useful for gun cleaning, disassembly, building, and more. To really capture the build experience, we stock a variety of designs featuring exploded diagrams and illustrations on the very guns you’ll be working on.