Lower Parts Kits

Looking to build out your next AR-15 or upgrade your current firearm? Whether you want to customize or enhance a great gun, you’ll need a reliable, high-quality lower parts kit to provide a strong base. Here at Durkin Tactical, you’ll find a wide variety of lower parts kits you can trust. Each complete with everything you’ll need, our selection of AR lower build kits includes well-known brand names, and various grips and triggers to suit your needs. Find your ideal kit today.

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Easy Build Experience

If you’re short on time, patience, or experience, AR lower build kits are an accessible way to build an AR-15 from scratch. With so many pieces to consider in a build, you don’t want to lose track of any of your smallest and most crucial components. When you shop Durkin Tactical, you can rest assured that each kit we carry delivers every piece you’ll need.

Sweat the Small Stuff

With so many cool customizations available, lower parts can sometimes get overlooked. But these little parts are incredibly important — they have a huge impact on your gun’s longevity and shooting performance. In a lower parts kit you’ll find a hammer, magazine catch, safety, grip, trigger, and buffer assembly, all 100% compatible and ready to build out.

Guaranteed Compatibility for Total Peace of Mind

Buying each of your lower parts individually makes for a more complicated experience, and runs the risk of incompatibility. When you opt for a Durkin Tactical lower parts kit for your next build, you’re choosing a carefully curated selection of parts for guaranteed compatibility. Stop worrying about compatibility, and focus on customizing your build with accessories and upper parts.

Shop the Best Possible Parts for the Price

At Durkin Tactical, we’re committed to providing the best combinations of parts at the best possible price points. Whether you’re shopping for complete rifle and pistol build kits or lower AR build kits, our careful combinations ensure that your build will be a success.