Stocks and Buffer Kits

Maximize comfort when shooting with Durkin Tactical’s stocks and buffer kits. Whether you have a rifle or pistol, our AR stock kit includes everything you need to get your weapon up and running. Get a stock that sits well with your body. Our buffer tube kit features lightweight, ergonomic construction and a high density foam sleeve. This allows you to easily carry and operate your gun while enjoying top grade traction and comfort. As gun enthusiasts, we supply build kits and everything you need to construct and maintain rifles and pistols.

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Get a Premium Buffer Tube Kit

Unlike some companies which falsely advertise that their kits contain 7075 buffer tubes, Durkin Tactical guarantees that you only get top quality materials at unbeatable prices. Check out our Adjustable Pistol Brace + Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Kit, which includes authentic 7075 buffer tubes and all the hardware needed to build an adjustable pistol. Make the most of our equipment by getting a combo stock kit and buffer

For all your lower parts and AR stock kit needs such as fixed stocks, buffer tubes and springs, screws and spacers, shop Durkin Tactical!

About Durkin Tactical 

For the highest quality and most affordable gun build kits available, look no further than Durkin Tactical. In 2017, we started our family-owned-and-operated tactical company that proudly sells American-made products from top brands like Anderson. 

Started by gun enthusiasts, for gun enthusiasts, we sell a wide variety of build kits, accessories, gun parts, and gear including knives, emergency food, and trauma packs. Durkin Tactical is the place to meet all of your weaponry needs.

Our wholesalers will enjoy special pricing and priority shipping. We also show our appreciation for those who serve their communities, such as military firefighters, with a first responder discount. Plus, rest assured that your equipment will arrive safely by taking advantage of shipping insurance.