Lower Parts

Lower parts are the second half of a complete AR-15 kit, with both our rifle and pistol lower build kits connecting to upper parts to assemble nearly fully-functional firearms. We offer trigger groups, boat catchers, magazine releases, buffer tubes, and all the other components necessary for your build. Repair your gun, perfect your shot, and build your perfect firearm, here at Durkin Tactical.

Guaranteed Compatible AR-15 Lower Parts Kits

At Durkin Tactical, we don’t just sell random parts. We curate individual pieces and make sure that both our rifle and pistol lower build kits are 100% compatible with the firearm models they’re designed for. And with a wide range of build kits, that says a lot about our attention to detail and the quality we offer.

Wide Variety at Low Prices

When it comes to lower parts, Durkin tactical carries a wide variety of kits for the AR-15. Whether you need to maintain, customize, adjust, or replace parts, we make sure our customers have access to the best selections of complete lower parts kits at a great price.

Best Combo For The Price

Durkin Tactical is all about giving you the best bang for your buck when you customize your next addition to your arsenal. That means quality service you can rely on. And that means discounts for the military and first responders who keep our communities safe.