.223/5.56 A2 Flash Hider


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For people seeking better recoil control on a .223/5.56 barrel, this A2 Flash Hider features open top slots, a closed bottom, and a blocked end which increases muzzle control. For our West coast customers, the A2 Flash Hider caliber reduces dust signature, making it compliant with California Featureless laws. This Flash Hider is a great addition for controlling recoil on your firearm. Note that this device will not reduce or remove flash.

Caliber: Range .223 – 5.56
Color: Black
Gun Model: AR
Length: 2 in
Weight: 3 oz
Diameter: 1 in
Threads per Inch: 1/2×28

.223/5.56 A2 Muzzle Brake includes a crush washer.

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