16″ 5.56/.223 Quadzilla AR-15 Rifle Build Kit

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Shooting steel case ammunition through our products voids ALL warranties!!!


Disclosure: Handguards will be either quad rail, keymod, or mlok depending on availability. This build kit will come with everything EXCEPT the stripped lower receiver to build a 16″ AR-15.

This kit includes:

  • 16″ 5.56/.223 Barrel (twist may vary)
  • 10″-12″ Free-Float Quad Rail Handguard (depending on availability)
  • A2 Muzzle Brake
  • Complete Omega Stock Kit
  • Durkin Precision BCG
  • Either Stripped or Upgraded Billet Upper Receiver (depending on availability) 
  • Forward Assist (where applicable)
  • Dust Cover
  • Steel Gas Block
  • Stainless Gas Tube
  • Standard Charging Handle
  • Complete Lower Parts Kit

All Build Kits Come Unassembled.

KIT notice as of March 1st 2020:

All build kits are subject to change slightly in this time of EXTREME demand. We are not currently able to fill specific spec requests. The kit parts will fall into the general specs above but items such as stocks, handguards, and muzzle devices are changing daily.

Due to extreme order volume, the handguard may NOT be a quad rail. It will be either a quad rail, mlok, or keymod depending on availability.  You can still attach rail sections to mlok and keymod for your accessories

Shooting steel case ammunition through our products voids ALL warranties!!!

Additional information

Weight 7.6 lbs

22 reviews for 16″ 5.56/.223 Quadzilla AR-15 Rifle Build Kit

  1. Luke Jenkins

    Awesome kit ! Must buy had a problem with shipping losing the barrel from the kit. I contacted Durkin Tactical and they sent me a new barrel.

  2. James Schostag

    This is my first at build this kit was simple to build not to mention the satisfaction of shooting a firearm that you just assembled from a pile of parts the day before Durkin tactical has got to have the best customer service ever when I had a question about my order Ryan was super quick to respond with all the rite senders great experience so great I just ordered another and will probly keep ordering until I have one of all the kits they sell so thanks Ryan and all of the rest of the Durkin tactical family I will help keep Florida tactical

  3. Kenny

    Nice build, especially when it’s on sale! I can’t believe what they can sell these things for sometimes! I’ve built 2 of these with only minor issues. First issue I had was with the hand guard. There was nothing wrong with it, but it can be a challenge to line it up perfectly with your upper while at the same time getting it really tight. I’m pretty OCD about that stuff lining up right. Second, I had a barrel nut break while I was tightening it. No, I didn’t over tighten it. I was using a torque wrench. The good news is customer service sent me another in about a week. Could have been faster, but I’m not really complaining. I still give it 5 stars when you consider the cost and quality.

  4. Steve Anderson

    I purchased one of these kits for $239 back at Labor Day and built it no problems awesome gun really is !!! When I get ready to build another one I will definitely look into this company

  5. Ismael Morales

    I decided to build my first AR 15 instead of buying one built and I chose this kit. I had absolutely no problem with this kit, I built the rifle in about 3 hours following a guide. I shot it for the first time and I fell in love with the rifle. Thank you for answering my questions, I know how frustrating it can be when a newbie asks the most basic questions. But thank you for helping me understand. You guys are amazing and the price can’t be any better, trust me I have looked.

  6. Jacob VanReenen

    Ordered as a late Christmas gift. From time of order to arrival was less than a week, much quicker than outdoorsportusa where i usually order. Customer service was wonderful when one of my accessories was defective. Overall very please with all parts, not low quality for the price. Most parts are comparable to my higher end ar parts. Took 40 minutes and build was done and ready to test fire. Put 600 rounds through the same day and no feed errors or anything. Definitely ordering more kits from here.

  7. Lucas Mattson

    Awesome at to build for my first one can’t wait to order some more. Built 3 of these and all went together flawlessly will definitely order from this company again.

  8. Lucas Mattson

    Great customer service had an issue with one of the build kits I got they sent a two-piece rail instead of a free-floating rail contacted Lauren the customer service person and took care of it the same day they are sending the free-floating rail with my next order awesome service will continue business with them

  9. Drake Dupre

    Bought this kit! Did absolutely great! Put almost 200 rounds through it yesterday and shot amazing. Only issue was the firing pin would hit the bullet and not fire some times. It’s not the ammo as we tested it out on my friends AR and it worked well. I think I just need to break it in more as the issue eased up Over time. Would recommend it to anyone and company is great! Thanks!

  10. Bobbie moffitt

    Awesome product everything fit where it was supposed to go and it shipped fairly quickly thank you guys..

  11. Lamar

    I’m honestly impressed. For the price point, you can’t beat this rifle. I bought a cheap Anderson lower and threw all this stuff together within a matter of a few hours. Gun runs great and there’s no feeling of accomplishment quite like putting rounds through a rifle you completely assembled by hand.

  12. Ethan Bobbitt

    Excellent shipping time! Received my kit in 2(!!) days flat. Kit went together smoothly and is a good value for a first build!

  13. Michael Beaver

    Hands down best build out there. Super easy vary good results can’t wait to collect them all.

  14. Ghost Raven

    CUSTOMER SERVICE is 100/100 very helpful and the build kit is amazing.

    The local gun smith was impressed at the quality of the parts and she unloads powered fine.
    No jams or failures so far. Building my 5th ine with them


    Ordered my kit,it shipped quick and arrived just as fast. Put it together with no issues. I only had 20 rounds on hand but it functioned flawlessly.when fired. I realize this is not a top of the line kit but it will serve my needs and for the price it can’t be beat.
    Not only am I happy with the product but Lauren from customer service was fantastic, she quickly responded to emails and answered all my questions even the stupid ones.
    I will buy again from Durkin Tactical but going to wait til after the Covid-19 Hysteria when prices drop on everything gun related.

  16. L Johnson

    Spectacular build. Caught it on sale and built 2. Definitely worth the money

  17. David Sommerfeld

    This is a fun, very accurate, and budget friendly (to start) build.

  18. mark

    I have built several AR ‘s. For the price you cant beat Durkin. True the kits are not exactally customized and its a bit of a crap shoot on the parts you get but its 2021 and not 2018. I have six of these now and not had any major problems. Small stuff that will and has happened with any parts you get. I would suggest them to anyone, the price is not bad and they sell other stuff besides the kits at a good price also.

  19. scottsherw

    Love this Kit, first build and only 30 min spent on lost pin lol. This build took me 3.5 hours. Lots out there to help. Can’t wait to shoot her.

  20. Gregg Kangas

    Ordered on a Thursday, at my door Monday, lightning fast in my opinion. Quick look and all parts seem to be there, hand guard has a few scuffs but nothing I’m worried about. Even got a personal response…….Thanks Durkin, ill be back!

  21. Mike Richards

    I ordered the 16″ Quadzilla build kit . I am very impressed with Durkin Tactical’s service and quality of the parts I received. I can’t wait to build this rifle! I definitely will recommend this company and will be back.

  22. Will Dufault

    I took a chance and bought a kit from Durkin. I have heard good and bad but decided the price was too good to pass up. The buying process was simple and shipping was extremely fast. The parts are “as available”. For my kit I ordered a quad rail kit in 5.56. When I got it it was a 223 Wylde barrel and a hybrid quad/MLOCK hand guard. The kit went together wonderfully, and the first day at the range was a blast. My only complaint was the AR wrench and the flashlight I bought ended up not working well, however Sarah at customer service helped make the situation right. I definitely will buy another kit from them eventually.

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