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All I Want for Christmas is Guns: Best Christmas Gifts for Gun Lovers

firearms sitting on a desk at a shooting range

It’s that time of year again, and you’re probably wondering what Christmas gift to get the gun loving guys or gals in your life. Whether your gun lover is a hunter, a casual gun owner, a former military man, or anything else, the perfect gun or adrenaline-related gift is out there waiting to be found.

In this blog, we’ve rounded up a list of the bestgifts for gun lovers and gun enthusiasts that you’ll want to pull the trigger on. Happy shopping!

Gun Build Kit

Let’s start with the obvious gift for gun lovers — gun build kits. By building their weapon, your giftee will intimately know every inch of their gun, and they’ll have the ability to customize it from the ground up.

Opt for a complete kit that has everything they need (save for one serialized part) to build a fully-functioning gun. Choose a high-quality AR rifle kit for more advanced custom gun builders, or opt for a more simple AR pistol kit for build kit newbies.


man using a flame-thrower outside at dusk

What gift do you get for a gun lover whose gun cabinet is full? Or a picky gun lover who prefers to buy their guns and parts themselves? A flamethrower is one of the best gifts for gun enthusiasts. It’s an incredible change of pace, and still packs that punch of adrenaline that they’re sure to love.

Flamethrowers are quickly becoming one of the most sought after Christmas gifts for thrill-seekers everywhere. From eradicating pests and leveling brush piles, to hosting a pyrotechnic show for the entire family, flamethrowers are just plain fun. Choose from festive colors like green and red, or opt for a sleek matte black model. If your gun loving guy or gal is always the one to bring fireworks or can cannons to the party, a flamethrower is an epic Christmas gift they’ll never forget.

Gun Tools & Cleaning Supplies

No gun enthusiast would be disappointed to unwrap a gift of gun tools or cleaning supplies on Christmas morning! Perhaps the gun lover in your life has mentioned needing certain specialized gun tools, or maybe they’re the type to clean their favorite rifles as a relaxing activity. If you’re in search of a gift for a gun lover who has a large collection, you can never go wrong with this practical present that’s sure to get lots of use.

Gift individual tools as stocking stuffers or small gifts, or get your hands on a small box or bag and create a personalized tool kit or cleaning kit. This is one of the best gifts for gun enthusiasts — they’ll appreciate your understanding of the smaller details of their craft.

Personalized Gun Enhancements

Looking to add a bit more personalization to your gift for a gun lover? Personalized gun parts and enhancements give your giftee a practical part that’s special and unique to their personality.

They’re sure to love the uniqueness of a personalized dust cover as an easy addition to their favorite firearm. Opt for a tongue-in-cheek slogan that suits their humor, select an engraved ode to their military status, or choose a patriotic laser-engraved flag to adorn their gun. It’s a thoughtful, American-made firearm detail that will remind them of you every time they pick up their weapon.

Survival Equipment

Khaki duffle bag with survival equipment sitting on the ground outside

If you’re in search of the perfect gift for a gun lover who has it all, survival equipment or a survival kit might just be your ideal option — especially if they’re a survivalist or doomsday prepper. Take notes; these survival tools and gear would make the best gifts for any gun enthusiast in your life that likes being a little more prepared.

Survival knives are great stocking stuffers, and a trauma pack is a unique survival tool that they are probably missing from their collection. If a full kit is more your gifting style, opt for a complete adventure medical kit, or a survival backpack pre-loaded with all of the necessities. Whether they’re an amateur emergency-prepper or a full-on survival enthusiast, you can rest assured that they’ll always appreciate new gear to add to their collection.

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