Pistol Braces

The AR pistol brace is meant to improve the stability and handling of your AR pistol build. In fact, the inventor of the brace, SB Tactical’s Alex Bosco, came up with the idea in 2012 after shooting at a range with a disabled combat veteran and witnessing the struggles disabled shooters face. It is meant to be a stabilizer against the arm so that you can accurately fire your AR pistol at the range. This functionality is what separates a pistol brace from a stock. The pistol brace is not meant to be used on the shoulder, and the design explicitly supports that. Our goal is for you to design a firearm that can take the perfect shot. With our AR pistol braces, we make sure of that. If you’d like to purchase a brace for arm stability, you will have to register your firearm as an SBR.

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AR Pistol Brace Wholesale Discounts

Durkin Tactical is proud to support local American companies. That’s why we make sure we can get you the large wholesale orders you need to restock your inventory. If you’re purchasing AR pistol stabilizers for your business, contact us about our wholesale discounts. We provide flexible options for you and your business as well as return customer incentives. As a wholesale dealer, you’ll be the first to get any information regarding new products or restocked items. Let us know which AR pistol brace you’re looking to stock up on and will take care of the rest. Contact us today.

Curated Selection of Parts

AR pistol braces have been around for years. Multiple incarnations based off of new rules and regulations have changed the design a little bit, but the basic function remains the same.

At Durkin Tactical, we handpick each supplier for our store. This ensures that we get the highest quality new products without the lower end junk. We’re a company built for gun enthusiasts, by gun enthusiasts — and that’s why we only offer you the parts we’d use ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stabilizing pistol brace?

This type of AR pistol brace is an accessory designed to assist you in holding your firearm steady and improve your accuracy.

What is the difference between a stabilizing brace and a stock?

A stock is a permanent fixture to a rifle and is placed against your shoulder. A stabilizing brace was originally designed to help people who struggled to hold their firearm, providing them extra stability.

Why do I need to register my pistol as an SBR after adding a brace?

A stabilizing brace effectively turns your pistol into a short-barreled rifle (SBR). You’ll need to register it with the ATF and pay $200 for a tax enforcement stamp prior to adding it.