JE Machine Silent Buffer Recoil Spring

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Our Silent Recoil Spring System is our drop-in replacement for the traditional buffer spring and buffer for the AR platform.

The Silent Recoil spring eliminates virtually all the friction and vibration typical of the standard buffer components resulting in a much smoother cycling rifle with none of the cheese grading sound typical of the standard buffer components.

The items includes (1) 28 coils spring.

IMPORTANT: This will only work on a .223 / 556

2 reviews for JE Machine Silent Buffer Recoil Spring

  1. Dean Shaw

    Got my JE Machine Silent Buffer Recoil Spring today.
    Couldn’t wait to see what difference it would make.
    It cut muzzle rise in half, which allows me to get on target faster for follow up shots without having to run my louder than hell muzzle break. Changes the whole feel of your rifle. Can’t tell you if it’s quieter as I was wearing muffs.
    You will notice a 30% increase in resistance when pulling back on your charging handle, but that will probably loosen up after a couple hundred rounds I suspect
    I hope they also have one for my 7.62×39, I wouldn’t hesitate to order another one.
    Thanks, DurkinTactical, great price for a fantastic product!

  2. William

    I ordered 3 but wished I would of ordered 1 to try because I replaced 3 flat would springs.
    They add a little weight and they aren’t silent when charging like I hoped or how others have been when charging.
    I haven’t fired my rifles yet to see the change in muzzle rise but will test it soon.

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