DigiTrigger 1.2

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– Digital modes have a 1lb. trigger with mechanical feedback completely eliminated (mil-spec break in order to fire the weapon is still present, but is simply not felt by the shooter when the DigiTrigger is enabled).

-Mechanical mode has a single stage trigger with mil-spec trigger pull weight (at least 5.5 lbs. and not exceeding 8.5 lbs.).

– Fire control components are 8620HMN steel cast, precision machined, heat-treated and finished to meet or exceed mil-specs.

– Digital modes of operation require one 9Volt battery (1000+ shots after break in period).

– DigiTrigger electronic components are rated for at least 1 million firing cycles.

– DigiTrigger complements the mechanical trigger group; it DOES NOT replace it with one that requires a battery.

– DigiTrigger 1.1 & 1.2 are for recreational/commercial use only, and are not intended for military/defense applications (these and LE versions coming soon).

– DigiTrigger was engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

– System has multiple patents, and many more pending.

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  • California
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Weight 1.5 lbs

2 reviews for DigiTrigger 1.2

  1. Horatio

    This thing has flown under the radar for a while. I enjoy the hell out of the third position semi auto and pull-release mode. It also works very easily with CMMG .22lr and runs with the best triggers with zero mechanical interface on 3rd position.

  2. Texasman

    I love and enjoy this trigger. I bought it a few years ago at a gun show that Dunkin was at. My son and I both bought one and installed them as soon as we got home. Installation is easy and took about 30 minutes. It is fun to shoot. Mechanical fire on semi and electronic selectable fire in third position. great item. If you are looking for fast and fun this is it.

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