16″ 5.56/.223 Black Friday AR-15 Rifle Build Kit

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Original price was: $349.99.Current price is: $249.99.

Shooting steel case ammunition through our products voids ALL warranties!!!


16″ 5.56/.223 Black Friday | AR-15 | Rifle Build KitThis kit includes:16″ 5.56/.223 Barrel (twist may vary)
10″-15″ Free-Float Handguard (depending on availability)
Thread Protector
Adjustable Stock Kit
Full Auto Nitride MPI BCG
Either forged or Upgraded Billet Upper Receiver
Steel Gas Block
Stainless Gas Tube
Standard Charging Handle
Complete Lower Parts Kit
All Build Kits Come Unassembled.
Disclosure: Handguards will be either keymod, mlok, or quadrail depending on availability. This build kit will come with everything EXCEPT the stripped lower receiver to build a 16″ AR-15.
KIT notice as of March 1st 2020:
All build kits are subject to change slightly in this time of EXTREME demand. We are not currently able to fill specific spec requests. The kit parts will fall into the general specs above but items such as stocks, handguards, and muzzle devices are changing daily.

Shooting steel case ammunition through our products voids ALL warranties!!!

Additional information

Weight 6.5 lbs


Choose the Caliber

5.56 NATO/ .223 Wylde



32 reviews for 16″ 5.56/.223 Black Friday AR-15 Rifle Build Kit

  1. Jesse

    Great kit went together easy I will be buying more.

  2. Garret

    Great build kit and you get some nice parts. Good luck finding a build kit for this price anywhere else. Will be picking up another one soon.

  3. Kim Sackmann

    Parts as advertised. Excellent shipping & handling, arrived ahead of schedule. Customer Service was fast and professional. Such a good experience, that my husband ordered a similar build kit. ‘AR-15 Premium’. Nice family business. Sweet prices.

  4. Justin

    Outstanding quality, plus quick shipping. Looks awesome and shoots great. Thank you Durkintactical for an amazing build kit at a sweet price. May God bless you all and stay well.

  5. Peter Jackson

    Very nice, no problems. Superbly manufactured. No jams, no feed issues. Very accurate. Thanks Durkin!

  6. HarryC

    I have purchased two of these kits. I am very happy with my purchase. Each kit came with every part I needed to assemble and use the firearm. You just need a lower receiver ready for it.

    I have put about 500 rounds through one of them and around 200 through the other(both came w/ a .223 wylde chamber).

    There have been no issues so far with any of the parts. They are running smooth and working well.

    shipping was fast and there was no delays.

  7. Johnny Hensley

    Excellent kits , everything went together well !
    I will be buy more . And friends are buying as well . Johnny H

  8. kyle.j.valdez

    Just finished it up Great kit for price! Snag it! Will be buying more and customer service helpful and always there! #teamdurkintactical

  9. Major Change

    Quality company the customer service is top tier and the product is just as good easy to assemble. Will be purchasing another kit.

  10. Kyel Lamb

    Just finished building the black Friday kit, went together just as it should I have put about 400 rounds through it and not a single problem, after this build I purchased another and now I have 2 great firearms. Thanks Durkin for the great quality products that you are offering

  11. Jason

    Nice kit, everything was easy to assemble and shoots great!!

  12. Jim

    First time builder (but not my last). Kit was easy to assemble. No issues with parts fitting and going together. Would have liked to have lower picatinny rail included but was an easy purchase to make.

  13. Ryan Butler

    My first AR build, went together without any issue. Looks great, great fit & finish. The order process was smooth and no surprises. Shipping was faster than promised or expected. Looking forward to some time at the range, but ordering the same kit again for a second build in the mean time. One more happy customer.

  14. Jonathan

    Top quality parts…I can’t see how spending more on “better” stuff would actually be any better. Very fast shipping too. I will definitely order from Durkin again.

  15. crushing

    Durkin Tactical mailed my order super fast. Ordered the kit on Wed night…delivered Monday. I plan to work on my build this weekend and the parts all appear to be quality mil spec components. The barrel was upgraded to Stainless Steel on my order. Very excited to put this AR together. Thanks Durkin!!!

  16. Matt

    I would have given this 5 stars except I had some trouble with the pins during assembly. It seemed like they might have been a bit too large. I would like to mention that this was my first time putting one together, though. Other than some trouble with the pins, I am extremely happy with the final product. I’ve put about 100 rounds through it so far, and it has worked like a charm. No issues or jams at all. After sighting it in, I’ve been able to obtain good groupings at 200 yards without any problems. I will most likely purchase my next kit from Durkin Tactical when the time comes!

  17. John

    Very nice kit would buy again

  18. Mike K.

    I love shooting this Black Friday special (2019). It really is my favorite AR. Mine came with a bull barrel, and the quad rail. I got an Anderson stripped lower for like $30, so my build was really inexpensive. This build shoots steel ammo all day, and is pretty darn accurate even with open sites. Looking forward to get another BF deal this year.
    Thanks Durkin Tactical.

  19. Andy

    Built out on a Polymer 80 Rhino lower. everything works flawlessly and looks cool. So well, that I’m working on building a second kit now but with an Al lower just for durability

    I did replace the handguard with a 15″ Durkin M-Lok for aesthetic reasons. At 50 yards during boresight, hit the same hole 4 times in a row with a cheap red dot. yeah, 50 yards big whoop. On the bench at 100 yards, the groups were about 1.5-2 MOA. and offhand was able to put all 30 rounds on a 8″ plate. That type of accuracy is good enough for me for that SHTF moment we all know is coming soon.

  20. Sylas

    Excellent kit and excellent customer service! I requested a quad rail handguard in my order notes, and received exactly what I asked for in a very timely manner. Made several purchases from Durkin and I intend to remain a loyal customer. My build functions flawlessly with my EO tech and back up irons. you cannot beat the quality you get for the price. Built a rifle that you couldn’t touch for under 1200 dollars for around 500 with this kit.

  21. Brian Brison

    Great kit, i have 2 of them and highly recommend! Thanks Durkin!

  22. Jeff Chatman

    Great Kit and Thanks for the extras and low prices.

  23. Phil

    My friend and I got these kits. We tested out my friend’s build on an Aero Precision lower yesterday, and not only is the kit REALLY well done, but the thing functions flawlessly. I am quite confident that our misses at 300 and 400 yards were due to our shooting. This thing was easily hitting a 12″ square steel plate at 300 yards, and if I know ARs, this thing will be on target at 700+ yards without a problem if you have the skill, the scope, and the drop prediction.

  24. Juan Guerra

    Great kit, all parts fit in flawlessly. Was not disappointed with the parts they sent. Great price.

  25. Kurt A Bock

    Great kit, love it. Only reason for 4 stars is the fact that it was missing the disconnector spring so I had to order a new spring from Brownell’s which delayed the build for several days

    • Lauren Schneider

      A member from our customer service team will be reaching out to you to have this replaced, Thank you for letting us know as we fully warranty our products.

  26. Carmine

    Excellent kit grate price American Company everything was there and i got to spend time with my father building them he’s in his 80s he didn’t have a ar15 in his collection but now he does that we built together we have to pin/weld somethings to be compliant in our state before taking them to the range if it runs good can’t complain

  27. Greg

    Bought 20 rifle kits , love them, very good price. Don’t be afraid to buy from them, great company. Thanks


    just got the kit today. very nice. went together with no problems.looks good too. very good shipping, in a priority mail box( nice touch)..came on the date it was suppose to. what can i say it’s a great deal.. will be ordering more soon.. thanks for a great kit…

  29. Nathan

    Happy with my purchase, however the quad rail is loose and I’ve tightened it down to the best of my ability. I put a carry handle that connected the quad rail and upper receiver and it holds the quad rail in place. I also had to do a bit of sanding on the trigger assembly as there was a burr and it caused the trigger assembly to not function properly. All is good with that now and that is my reason for the 4 stars. I bought from Durkin many times without any issues and will buy from them again.

  30. Greg Wilson

    Great kit for the money and very easy to build! My only complaint is, the kit was missing the buffer tube and had to buy one local. Hopefully they will make it right and send me one!


    I have put several of these kits together. They seem like really good kits for the lowest prices anywhere. If you have any problems, customer service is second to none.

  32. John Southard

    Great kit! Super fast shipping. Only thing that could have made me happier would have been mlock handguard rather than keymod.

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