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5 Gun Safety Rules and the 8 Mistakes New Gun Owners Make

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When it comes to firearms, you can never have enough experience. Whether it’s learning 5 simple gun safety rules or getting comfortable enough to do alterations on your AR or pistol, you’ll never regret knowing more about safety and care of your weapon.

But when you’re starting out, knowing all the ins and out of the rules of firearms safety can seem daunting. Instead of overloading new gun owners with information, we want to help you learn what not to do. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, it’s always good to remember our top 5 gun safety rules and 8 mistakes new gun owners often make.

 Top Safety Rules

Before we get into the mistakes new gun owners make, it’s important to know some crucial rules of firearms safety.

  1. Always treat your firearm as if it was loaded. There are so many tragic stories about people thinking the gun was not loaded, and the trigger gets pulled. You never know who had the gun last and if they left any bullets in the chamber, so better safe than sorry and always act like your firearm is loaded. 
  2. Point your weapon in a safe direction, away from people. Accidents happen and guns can misfire, so when you have a firearm in your possession, be sure to point it away from people and in the safest direction possible. 
  3. Don’t put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to fire. There is no need to have your finger on the trigger before shooting, so keep it on the outside guard while you’re waiting to fire. 
  4. Know your target and what lies beyond it. If you’re unsure of what you’re shooting at or what’s behind it, don’t shoot. This one may not seem like it needs to be on a list of 5 gun safety rules, but there are too many stories of people lacking confidence in their target and surroundings and tragic accidents happening. 
  5. Wear proper protective gear. Whether you’re at a range or in the woods, wearing the proper protective gear, like goggles and ear protection, goes a long way in keeping you and others safe. 
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Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we know the most important rules of firearms safety, we can go over some of the most common mistakes new gun owners make.

1. Storing your firearm in an unsecure location. 

Firearms should always be stored in a secure, locked location. Your secret hiding place is probably not-so-secret, and chances are, kids or guests will be able to find it or accidentally stumble upon it. Whether you’re keeping your firearm in a non-disclosed location or are open about where you have it stored, lock it away and make sure only those who are knowledgeable about firearms have the key.

2. Forgetting to put the safety on. 

This one can’t be hammered home enough, and it’s even in our top 5 gun safety rules. Always check your safety, even if you’re confident that it’s on. And be sure to leave it on until you’re ready to fire. 

 3. Trying to multitask. 

Operating a firearm requires a tremendous amount of mental focus. Don’t try to take calls, text, or multitask while having a firearm in your possession. There are a lot of rules of firearms safety, and remembering them all does not provide much room for multitasking.

 4. Being overconfident in your knowledge and abilities. 

There’s always something to learn, in life or with firearms. After you’ve mastered the 5 gun safety rules, there are still many tips and tricks to learn. Cleaning, maintenance, magazine loading, fixing gun jams, and more are just some of the more advanced components of gun ownership. Even experts are extremely cautious and know there’s always more to learn.

 5. Not studying your weapon and getting to know it well. 

If you’re going to be firing a weapon, be sure to study it before you operate it. Get to know where the safety is, how the trigger feels, adjust the sights as needed, and any other nuances to the firearm.

 6. Using it for something it was not intended to be used for.

You’d be surprised, but this needs to be included in the rules of firearm safety. Never use your weapon for anything other than what it was intended to do. A firearm is not a hammer, doorstop, or any other blunt object. Treating a firearm like anything other than that is dangerous and violates the 5 gun safety rules to live by.

 7. Not dressing for the activity and weather.

It’s important to be comfortable when you’re using a firearm. If the weather is cold, dress accordingly. If it’s hot, don’t wear a tank top and shorts, but wear loose-fitting pants and a shirt made of breathable fabric. The rules of firearm safety also require you to have proper protective gear. Goggles and ear protection are the basics, but there’s more you can incorporate to stay extra safe while shooting.

 8. Forgetting the top 5 gun safety rules.

The most important of all, never forget the 5 gun safety rules. Remind yourself of them every time you use your firearm.

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