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The Best Wilderness Survival Gear and Equipment to Bring Hunting

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Whether you’re going for a quick hunt or embarking on an extended trip, being prepared for any mishap or emergency is a great way to reduce your chances of running into trouble. Packing a kit of essential survival gear and equipment will make sure you can enjoy the wilderness safely. 

Durkin Tactical has rounded up our best outdoor survival equipment recommendations to ensure that your next hunt will be a safe and successful one. Read on and get ready to add these must-haves to your cart. 

Complete Adventure Medical Kits 

Increase your chances of living to tell the tale of your epic hunt with a well-stocked medical kit. An expertly assembled medical kit is an essential piece of wilderness survival gear and contains all of the equipment you’ll need if you run into trouble while enjoying the hunt. This will be an organized array of first aid supplies for injuries ranging from knife cuts and bone fractures to tick bites. 

These compact kits are light enough to carry with you while hunting, ATVing, fishing, or heading out on a hike. For even more preparation for the unexpected, consider a medical trauma kit specifically created for more serious injuries. 

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Clothing & Gear That Works Hard For You 

It’s crucial to dress for success when you head out into the wilderness. Your clothing is the barrier between you and the outdoors, so plan for any possible inclement weather and ensure that you’ll be ready for both cold and hot temperatures. 

Opt for clothing made of comfortable materials that don’t absorb moisture, ensure your clothes allow you to move freely, and always pack a hat for sun protection. With all of the right clothing and gear in your wilderness survival gear kit, you’ll be equipped to tackle any sudden shift in weather with ease. 

A Reliable Knife 

A reliable survival knife is an essential wilderness gear and equipment must-have and is an incredible way to stay prepared for the expected and unexpected when out in the wilderness. This essential piece of outdoor survival equipment can help you cut ropes, sharpen sticks, defend yourself, skin a fish, and give you an upper hand while hunting. 

You’ll need a knife that’s high-quality, sharp, comes with a protective sheath, and is the right size for your wilderness kit. If you want a jack-of-all-trades tool rather than something strictly for bushcraft and hunting, try out a multi-tool knife. These come with essentials like tweezers, scissors, and a bottle opener built in.

Water Purification & Filtration System

You can survive without food for a few days in the wilderness, but water purification equipment is a survival gear must-have to ensure your safety and health. Your hydration requirements will depend on your hunting trip itinerary and the outdoor temperature, but the general requirement is three liters per day for each individual. Devices like water purification straws and water filtration bottles feature built-in purifying technology and can help you avoid the struggle of carrying tons of heavy water. Just fill your device up with water from your nearest clean water source and hydrate as needed. 

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Communication & Navigation Tools

To stay on track in the wilderness, you’ll need survival gear and equipment that keeps you oriented and prepared in any situation. We suggest bringing multiple navigation devices so you’ll have backups should something go wrong. If your phone dies, use a dedicated GPS. If that breaks, use a map. You’ll be ready for anything and always ready to find your way back home. For extra protection, opt for a satellite communication device with the ability to track your location and send an SOS message without an internet connection. It’s one of those things that is better to have and not need it than to need and not have it.

Trust Durkin Tactical For High-Quality Equipment to Enhance Your Hunt 

It’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected, and high-quality wilderness survival gear and equipment is the best way to ensure you’ll be safe and healthy while enjoying your hunt. You need gear you can trust, and Durkin Tactical only offers reliable equipment, gun parts, and gun build kits that deliver peace of mind and the best possible performance. 

Our competitive prices mean you can stock up on all of your outdoor survival equipment essentials and our wide selection of products ensures you’ll find whatever you’re looking for. Order today and don’t forget to take advantage of our military, firefighter, and first responder discounts

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