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The Hands-Down Best AR-15 Upgrades

A black AR-15 on top of a tree stump

If you’re the proud owner of an AR-15, you most likely have some aspects of the rifle that you love, and others that you’d like to modify. Every rifle owner is different, but the great news is that your AR-15 was designed to be an extremely customizable firearm. With virtually endless personalizations and upgrades available, you’re able to build out your ultimate AR-15 that is perfectly suited to you and your unique preferences. That’s why we’ve rounded up the hands-down best AR-15 upgrades and accessories for you to get started.

Slings & Sling Mountings

Looking for more options when it comes to carrying your rifle? Your rifle’s sling may be an often overlooked upgrade, but it’s one of the bestAR-15 accessories to make carrying your rifle easy. The best sling is one that’s quick to adjust and features a two-point configuration, allowing you to carry your rifle in any position and offering enhanced stability for your rifle when you’re taking a shot. Switch between over your shoulder, across your back, or across the front of your body and carry in comfort.


Barrels are hands-down one of the best AR-15 upgrades you can invest in, but choosing the right one is crucial. You’ll want a barrel with a consistently machined bore to ensure that your bullet is launched the same way every time, and one that is heavy enough to heat slower and help absorb more recoil. When it comes to material, stainless steel and carbon steel barrels are reliable, consistent barrels that can improve your accuracy. Opt for a shorter barrel if you use your AR-15 as a home defense rifle, or go for a middle-length, highly maneuverable option if you want your rifle to be more versatile.


A man looking through the sight of a black AR-15

Sights are obviously extremely important when it comes to accurately shooting your rifle, making them one of the best AR-15 upgrades when you’re looking to enhance your gun’s performance. Red dot sights work well for fast target acquisition, holographic sights provide a larger field of view while minimizing parallax distortion, and flip-up iron sights adaptability.

Handguards & Rail Systems

If you want to improve your grip, provide extra ventilation points to prevent heat build-up, and additional space for accessories, then handguards and rail systems may be the best AR-15 upgrade for you. Free-floating handguards and rail systems made of durable yet lightweight aluminum are a great premium option, while drop-in handguards are a slightly more affordable upgrade.

Rail systems will grant you the freedom to mount essentials like flashlights, fire grips, and lasers to your rifle, giving you an extra edge when you need it. Both handguards and rail systems are quick upgrades that are simple and straightforward, making them one of the best AR-15 accessories.

Trigger Guards

Trigger guards are one of the best AR-15 upgrades to help you ensure your safety and comfort, and there are so many great, enlarged trigger guard options on the market to choose from. Enlarged trigger guards are always a great option as they can comfortably fit a gloved finger while maintaining comfort and precision, as opposed to smaller trigger guards which can lead to cramped fingers after a long shooting session.

Muzzle Brakes & Compensators

A black and brown AR-15 laying on a table

Muzzle devices like brakes and compensators are a great way to reduce the toll shooting your rifle can take on your shoulder and upper body, as well as increase your shooting dexterity. You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to these impact-reducing muzzle devices, and they’re one of the best, easy to install AR-15 upgrades that can make quite the difference to your rifle.

Muzzle brakes are great for improving your speed and accuracy as they help with muzzle climb and maintaining control of your weapon. Add a muzzle brake and continue shooting with minimal readjustments. Muzzle compensators serve a similar purpose — they ventilate upward at the muzzle, helping to push downward and give your rifle’s muzzle vertical stability.

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